Monday, 18 November 2013

HEY! IM BACKKK.   Thank you so much for the people who joined the DEADMAU 5 contest we had some winners but I forgot their user names but they won, 3 PEOPLE won so keep up for a chance to win MONEY!!!!! keep sharing this blog to become a member of this blog!   now I have to go I almost forgot! another contest the contest is about who had the best UNIT EVER so we will be having at least 2 or 4 people who could WIN now the prize is a mystery try to guess the prize and have a free VIP for one month now I think I'm typing too much I have to stop now, BYE FOR NOW!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

hiii this is the woozworld free wooz contest on my unitz shopy or my unitz GYM my user name is alexatuz and the woozin that wins get to choose their prizes here are the prizes,   
           free 10,000 wooz,   free deadmau,    

free deadmau5,    free rebel deadmau5. 

            the prizes will be on the shop pods
and  if you loose you still get a prize like deadmau hair or free 5,000 wooz and if you
say bad things you will get out of the gammeeee

     ok thanks and byeee meet you there!!!!!!!



Saturday, 23 March 2013

hi i'm Alexandra and my wooz world name is alexatuz or alexatuzy and now i have this blog to help people earn their very first deadmau5 and help you get filthy rich wooz and beex all you got to do is to tell me your user and password, in google my email is:
  okay now if you don't trust me then i will send back a note to you for pay back code and i don't hack people i only hack in wooz XD but i don't hack people so pleeeaaassseee!!!!! trusssttt mee! ok bye thanks and send a cooment if you have a problemo.